April the Giraffe's Marketing Elements

On Saturday, April 15, approximately 1.2 million people watched live on You Tube as April the giraffe gave birth to her calf at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. That was in addition to the 750,000 who watched the much-anticipated birth live on Facebook. However, viewers have been tuned in long before the actual birth. In February, Animal Adventure Park began running a streaming video of April so fans could follow the maternal progression. According to experts, entrepreneurs can learn a few pointers from the success that April’s pregnancy and birth have generated. The fear of missing out (FOMO) or being the last to know something are reasons that social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become so popular. It’s even contributed to the popularity of email and texting. In April’s case, viewers were able to check on her any time of the day. “The longer this goes on, the more vested individuals will become,” says Tor Constantino in “3 Powerful Marketing Elements F…

Emarketing Tweaks of 2017

You may be surprised to know that it is email—not social media—that remains the most powerful marketing instrument of the 21st century. The Direct Marketing Association claims that for every one dollar invested in email marketing, a return of $38 will be seen. In “5 Email Marketing Tweaks to Double Your Business Revenue,” John Stevens says that “research shows that email is responsible for driving 25.1 percent of all Black Friday sales in 2015, compared to just 1.6 percent of sales from social media.” The following are a few ways that email marketing can be utilized to help your business. Use email to cross-sell and upsell. In 2015, cross-selling was worth $37.45 million to Amazon. According to Stevens, “Amazon’s recommendation engine is one of the most effective cross-selling systems in the world” and email is the main ingredient in that engine. Follow up on the “abandoned cart”  A surprisingly high number of people—68.81 percent-- will get to the checkout point of a website, then aba…

Social Media Trends

Social media is expected to be as essential to marketing in 2017 as it was in 2016. There are a few trends that experts predict will be on the rise this year. According to Sromona Bhattancharyya in “4 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017,” there are four social media trends in marketing to look for in 2017.
Paid Content will continue to entertain users this year. Customers of video websites, such as YouTube, pay a fee to watch videos or channel content.

Usage of Customer Service Chatbots will increase in 2017. New brands depend on chatbots in the areas of customer care and service. According to Bhattancharyya, social media outlets, such as Facebook, utilize chatbots to “facilitate the communication process and reduce response time by a great deal.”

Live Video Platforms have increased in popularity and Facebook Live is a good example of this. Bhattancharyya says that an “increasing number of companies are using the live video feature to promote …

Top Marketing Trends of 2017

With so many digital marketing options on the market, how do you narrow down and select which ones will work best for your business in the upcoming year? In “5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For In 2017,” Cristine Felt introduces you to the top five trends for the yea - 

Influencer Marketing Think Kylie Jenner declaring on how much she loves her Fashion Nova jeans on an Instagram post. Companies enlist the aid of these influencer marketers to recommend their products and services. According to AJ Agrawal in “Why Influencer Marketing Will Explode in 2017,” a recent survey showed that 84% of marketers plan on using at least one influencer marketing campaign this year.
Augmented Reality Remember the summer of 2016 and Pokemon Go? According to Felt, at the height of its popularity, Pokemon Go generated $10 million in monthly revenue. Felt believes that in 2017, companies will use this model as part of their advertising campaigns.

Interactive Content
Consumers have shown interest in int…